Tips To Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Playing table tennis is fun like playing foosball and many other table games and sports, and mastering the basic skills is crucial if you want to perfect it. Table tennis requires practice to make you perfect. For this to happen, there are some basic tips that one should consider, beyond the rules if they want to improve at playing table tennis. They include;

Match strategy

Before the match, always ensure that you have a strategy on how to beat your opponent. However, it can only work if you are playing against an opponent, you are on the same level with. In addition, the strategy can also apply when you already know the basic table tennis skills such as the ability to direct the ball in various directions and counteracting the opponent’s spin.

Opponent analysis

Learning your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths is the key in every game. Therefore, a wise player will always go for warm up duration to establish your analysis on the opponent. Your analysis will involve observing if your opponent is a defender, attacker, or all round. In addition, one can tell if their opponent is stronger in front hand strokes or the backhand strokes. It’s also recommended that when serving you analyze the serves and shots that give your opponent a hard time.

Develop tactical play

In table tennis, using tactics can take you a notch higher. However, one should know what they want when using a certain tactic. For instance, you can use a tactic because it exposes the weakness of the opponent. Some of these tactics that will help in improving your table tennis skills include spin, speed, and placement. When you apply varying speed and spinning, you are likely to confuse the other player, making them miss the point which is a plus for you. When one applies deception in this game, they are likely to gain more points. Therefore, applying a varying speed works wonders as it will keep the other player always guessing of the next move. As you perfect your skills of speed, you will be able to predict where the ball will go and how it will behave after every strike. Placement of your shots can make you dominate the rally, when you develop the right control of the ball, and your opponent has to move from side to side. In addition, placement is crucial when you want to keep your opponent away from their strengths.

Having the right grip

Mastering the art of handling the bat with the right grip will help a lot to improve on the game. This should be done from the start as it gets hard when you try to change later. Having the right grip, also involve knowing the right bat or racket for you. In addition, it’s important that when holding the bat you do it in a loose way. This way, your wrist will move freely and you can be accurate when doing the returns.

Making every shot count

Always make every shot count, because it indeed does count. With this attitude, you will be focused regardless of whether you are smashing, pushing, looping, or blocking. In addition, when you make every shot count, it will become memorable since the opponent will have to struggle as it was well done.

Return of service and service

This tip helps one to have control over where and how you will play with the ball. If you want to improve using this tip, then make sure that the opponent is not in a position to return the ball. When you vary your services, you place your partner in a position that they find hard to predict what service to expect.

Do it professionally

Most of the popular players play far from the table. After the game intensifies, you will realize that this is a helpful tactic. It is the perfect position of a ball that is coming fast and hard.

Start with warm up exercises

Due to the speed and agility involved in playing table tennis, doing some warm up exercises will be very useful in improving how you play table tennis. The exercises help relax and avoid straining the muscles which keeps one vibrant even when their opponent is tired. The warm up can include jogging and stretching, which reduces muscle tension.


Lastly, practice leads to perfection. Just like in every aspect of our life, practice helps in improving skills. Therefore, if you want to improve at table tennis, then try playing when time allows. By practicing, you will be able to play consistently thus keeping the ball longer than your opponent.